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Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence Wiki. I created this site to provide even more focus on artificial intelligence, with a wiki approach, than Wikipedia itself does at the moment. I hope the community will take to this site well and help grow it for our collective benefit. AI deserves a world-class, fully focused wiki and hopefully, this will be it. Thank you for visiting and thank you for your content and knowledge contributions, Steve

AI Wiki Categories & Key Pages/Sections

ELI5 - Explain it Like I'm 5

While this wiki should be able to cater to the information needs of even the most advanced experts in AI, it would be great to add "ELI5" chapters to each article, where suitable, explaining the topic in detail that makes it accessible to novices or newcomers of the specific topic and AI in general.

Getting started

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

General Approach

Wikipedia is a great starting point for content that should be on this wiki. I personally copy content from Wikipedia and try to improve upon it and expand it towards more completeness and focus than Wikipedia offers. It doesn't have to be perfect from the outset, it can grow and improve over time - that's what this great community is all about.

How does this site make money?

It doesn't. This A.I. wiki is so cheap to host & run that I (Steve) just pay for it without the need to show ads or monetise the site in any other way - there will also be no "funding drives" like Wikipedia does, very justifiably, once in a while. I am, however, interested in finding a corporate sponsor for my other AI websites including Please contact if you want to talk about that.


Recommendation: Wikipedia has very good content quality but even the basic free version of Grammarly exposes quite a lot of minor edits/fixes that should happen. Install the Grammarly extension for your browser to get started. Language: Either US English or UK English are acceptable, however, UK English edits will supersede US English spelling.


This is a new experience to me (Steve) and I will try to keep it as free and open as possible. However, if editors abuse this goodwill and either act maliciously or with overly commercial intent these editors will lose the ability to edit. I will tighten the rules if needed.


These links are useful to administrators early on in the creation of this wiki.